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  • Case study - Updated: 05 Sep 2016 - 15:18:58
    In June 2012 Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (KVG), the public transport company in Kiel (Germany) issued an open tender for the purchase of 17 new buses to replace a part of its fleet.
  • Case study - Updated: 05 Sep 2016 - 15:11:50
    In order to decrease its fleet pollutant emissions, the public transport operator for the city of Brno, Dopravní podnik města Brna (DPMB), decided to purchase 88 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses....
  • Event - Updated: 11 Aug 2016 - 13:04:37
    The 5th SUMP Award will be officially launched on Monday 5 September 2016. In order to provide local authorities with information and answers to their questions, a webinar will be held on the launch...
  • Event - Updated: 02 Mar 2016 - 14:42:11
    The third SWITCH webinar will give general tips and hints on different funding sources and a practical example from the SWITCH case study in the Borough of Hounslow (UK). Presenters: Chris Norfield,...
  • Event - Updated: 09 Feb 2016 - 11:53:06
    The municipality of Donostia–San Sebastián will host the Spanish SWITCH national take-up seminar. Health and active mobility will be at the core of the meeting, gathering Spanish local authorities,...
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