Sarah Martens

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Leuven, Belgium
Mobiel 21
Staff member Behaviour Change & Communication
  • News - Updated: 23 Sep 2014 - 22:34:07
    Authoritative, up-to-date statistical data on global transport developments can be found in the latest edition of the Forum's annual Trends in Transport publication. How have the passenger and...
  • News - Updated: 23 Sep 2014 - 22:34:07
    The results from the latest ETSC Road Safety PIN Report: 2010 Road Safety Target Outcome: 100,000 fewer deaths since 2001 have been published on the PIN website and were discussed at the 5th Road...
  • News - Updated: 23 Sep 2014 - 22:33:27
    In What Cities Want – a current study by the Technical University of Munich, commissioned by MAN Group – 15 international cities provide information on how they want to more positively design their...
  • News - Updated: 23 Sep 2014 - 22:33:27
    A kilometre travelled by bike costs society 8 cents, whereas the same distance travelled by car costs 50 cents. This comes from a Danish study comparing the socio-economic costs and benefits of the...
  • News - Updated: 23 Sep 2014 - 22:33:27
    A new European Parliament study analyses the state of enforcement of EU social legislation in the field of professional road transport in the different Member States.The study “Evaluation of...
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