Isobel Duxfield

Brussels Region, Belgium
POLIS Network
Communications and membership officer
  • News - Updated: 20 Mar 2023 - 11:11:59
    Urban mobility is much more than transit across the metropolis. Journeys do not stop at the city limit, there is a continued to and from the periphery to the core and between cities themselves. Rural...
  • News - Updated: 20 Mar 2023 - 08:53:31
    Addressing barriers to gender-equal mobility is important, not just for the transport sector itself, but in enabling more equitable access for women to economic and political participation in society...
  • News - Updated: 06 Mar 2023 - 12:45:14
    POLIS' Just Transition Webinar series kicked off with a deep dive into car usage in cities, the why's, where's, how's... and what policymakers can do to shift car-oriented mindsets. Nearly 1/3 of...
  • News - Updated: 20 Feb 2023 - 08:59:28
    The European Commission has published the report of the Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum (MPMF) on Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS). The MPMF was established by the Commission at the...
  • News - Updated: 14 Feb 2023 - 18:09:27
    In November 2022, RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) published a report on the intricate interactions between heavy-duty trucks with diesel and battery power, dynamic vehicle charging via electric...
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