François Gigot

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Paris, France
INTERMODES, a communication agency promoting passenger intermodality and sustainable mobility.
Associate Director
  • Event - Updated: 18 Jul 2018 - 11:28:03
    The study visit is organised in partnership with Bruxelles Mobilité, Brussels Capitale Region’s Transport Organising Authority and STIB, the public transport operator. The Brussels Region has set...
  • Event - Updated: 29 Mar 2016 - 08:28:20
    The European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities, in partnership with SNCF Mobilités, is organising a technical tour on intermodality in the Pays de la Loire region in France. Starting from the...
  • Event - Updated: 04 Sep 2015 - 15:05:26
    Stockholm is growing. Forecasts indicate that the City of Stockholm will have 25 per cent inhabitants by 2030. The City's Vision 2030 describes what mobility will be like in Stockholm in 15 years...
  • Event - Updated: 23 Apr 2015 - 09:04:10
    The European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities, managed by INTERMODES, and STIF (the Île de France regional transport organising authority) is hosting a study visit for participants to experience...
  • Event - Updated: 23 Apr 2015 - 09:04:02
    In 2015, France is committed to the energy transition for a green growth and welcomes the Conference on Climate. Taking place during this event will be the INTERMODES seventh annual congress in Paris...
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