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  • News - Updated: 06 Feb 2019 - 10:35:02
    Now is the time to submit your ideas, papers and projects for the foremost global event about walking in Rotterdam. The event theme is; PUTTING PEDESTRIANS FIRST: Smart, Healthy and for Everyone! The...
  • Event - Updated: 04 Feb 2019 - 09:54:58
    Over the last ten years the City has transformed the centre into a City Lounge - encouraging people to meet, stay and enjoy Rotterdam - by reallocating road and parking space, slowing traffic speeds...
  • Event - Updated: 15 Dec 2014 - 11:30:44
    The City of Vienna is proud to host the 2015 Walk21 conference which promotes activities and innovations towards the future of resilient cities and healthy living environments.  Together with...
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