Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

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Urban vehicle access regulations (UVARs) is a form of traffic management that regulates access in specific urban locations according to vehicle type, age, emissions category – or other factors such as time of day, or day of the week. UVARs can include Low Emission Zones (LEZs) and/ or Congestion Charging and involve a wide range of considerations in implementation.

Urban vehicle access regulations are becoming an increasingly popular method of managing vehicle flows through urban areas.    

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User-friendly Information - Tool on Urban and Regional Access Regulations Schemes

The ’UVAR State of the Art Report’ of the UVAR Box project is the result of the UVAR Box partners’ investigations on existing and planned UVAR (Urban Vehicle Access Regulation) policies at the local, regional and national level, and the processes to create, define and communicate.
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UVARExchange survey on enabling cross-border enforcement of Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

Invitation to take part in a survey to share current mechanisms used by your city or country to enforce UVARs with respect to foreign vehicles, as well as describe any challenges or barriers faced or barriers preventing enforcement. Deadline 30 November 2021.