Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

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Urban vehicle access regulations (UVARs) is a form of traffic management that regulates access in specific urban locations according to vehicle type, age, emissions category – or other factors such as time of day, or day of the week. UVARs can include Low Emission Zones (LEZs) and/ or Congestion Charging and involve a wide range of considerations in implementation.

Urban vehicle access regulations are becoming an increasingly popular method of managing vehicle flows through urban areas.    

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UVAR Box tool

The UVARBox tool makes it easier for cities, regions and ministries to digitise UVARs to enable them to be put into navigation tools is now available for cities, together with a video and manual to support its use.
By Matthew Collings / Updated: 02 Aug 2022

Workshop: "Sustainable UVAR data collection- A challenge to be mastered"

In the framework of UVAR Box, AustriaTech and POLIS Network are inviting you to the workshop “Sustainable UVAR data collection – A challenge to be mastered” which will take place on 4 August 2022 at 10:00-12:00 CEST on Zoom.

The objective of the workshop is to reflect on the stated challenges and to discuss future prospects for reliable provision of UVAR data at the European and Member state level.


Draft Agenda

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UVAR Box Final Conference

The EU-funded project ‘UVAR Box is finalising its efforts in digitising data related to urban vehicle access regulations (UVARs). 

If you are interested in UVARS, join the UVAR Box Final Conference: Digitising & exchanging data of UVARs, hosted by the POLIS Network in Brussels, Belgium on 7 September 2022, 10:00-13:00.

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