Urban mobility planning

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Good planning helps choosing and designing the right measures, or packages of measures, for a city’s particular transport context, and getting them off the ground.

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) – a strategic plan designed to satisfy the mobility needs of people and businesses in cities and their surroundings for a better quality of life - can play a big role in this regard. To discover more about these plans, visit the dedicated Mobility Plans section on Eltis.

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 14 Jun 2022

Rural Pact Conference: Session 5.5 Sustainable mobility solutions to connect rural areas with urban centres

The Rural Pact Conference, takes place from 15-16 June, and is organised by the Commission in partnership with the European Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Parliament, the Presidency of the European Council and the European Rural Parliament.

By Carla Giaume / Updated: 06 Jun 2022
By SUMP Turkey / Updated: 13 Jun 2022

Konya prepares its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The rapid change and transformation of the world with unpredictable urban growth brought on by densely populated cities of the last century has given rise to many social, environmental, economic and political problems. Although its impact has decreased, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world and caused immense changes. It has also changed travel habits to a great extent. Private modes of transport have become increasingly prevalent. Micro-mobility vehicles became more important for short-distance journeys within cities.

By Francine Long / Updated: 25 May 2022
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 11 May 2022
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 05 May 2022
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 29 Apr 2022

Planning for Attractive Public Transport: submit feedback now on the draft SUMP Topic Guide

With the launch of the draft Topic Guide on Public Transport in the mobility planning and implementation process in order to achieve more attractive Public Transport, the public is invited to participate in a consultation process.
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 29 Apr 2022

TUMI Conference 2022 - TUMI2022

The TUMI2022 Conference “Transforming Transport Infrastructure” will take place in-person in Leipzig, Germany, and virtually, on 17 May 2022 11:00-17:30 CET.

Sustainable infrastructure is the backbone of climate-friendly urban mobility and this year's conference will spotlight the importance of achieving a sustainable mobility infrastructure transformation. There will be discussions on:

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 28 Sep 2022
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 14 Jul 2022