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Urban mobility planning
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Good planning helps choosing and designing the right measures, or packages of measures, for a city’s particular transport context, and getting them off the ground.

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) – a strategic plan designed to satisfy the mobility needs of people and businesses in cities and their surroundings for a better quality of life - can play a big role in this regard. To discover more about these plans, visit the dedicated Mobility Plans section on Eltis.

By Michiel Modijefsky / Updated: 20 Feb 2019

II European Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities

Thousands of students, staff and visitors travel to universities and educational facilities every day.

Find out about the latest innovate mobility solutions applied by universities across the EU to promote their accessibility and manage mobility sustainably.

By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 20 Feb 2019

Better ways to move, better places to live: improving tourist mobility in Mediterranean cities

The MED Urban Transports Community is approaching the end the of Interreg MED Programme funding, however, the commitment of its Modular Projects’ partner organisations will last much longer. In this perspective, the GO SUMP project, featuring the Community, is proposing two series of meetings and a communication laboratory to inspire and set the ground for future joint activities.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 01 May 2019

European Transport Conference 2019

The European Transport Conference (ETC) is the annual conference of the Association for European Transport, which attracts policymakers and researchers from across the transport industry.

Attend the 2019 European Transport Conference to hear from a series of industry experts on:

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 21 Feb 2019

ICLEI Resilient Cities Conference

Resilient Cities is the Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation, hosted in Bonn every year.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 22 Feb 2019

MOBILIZE Fortaleza

MOBILIZE is the annual sustainable transport summit of the Institute for Transportation and Development (ITDP), which brings together urban transport and development practitioners alongside world-class researchers to celebrate best practices and accelerate implementation of sustainable transport projects.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 22 Feb 2019

Movin'On Summit

The Movin'On Summit is an international conference on sustainable mobility, whose objective is to move from ambition to action.

The summit brings together over 5,000 leaders from academia, policymaking, cities and the private sector, exploring new and actionable solutions to address global challenges that will define the future of mobility. 

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 21 Feb 2019

Third Thursday: Urban Technology Testbed

Future Cities Catapult host a series of Third Thursday events to encourage experts from across the city space to discuss new technologies which have the power to make our cities more sustainable and innovative.

As urban populations grow and demand on city services continue to add complex pressures for cities, there has been a growing focus on technologies playing a vital role in making our cities healthier, cleaner ultimately improving the health and wellbeing for all residents.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 20 Feb 2019

rEVolution 2019

Attend rEVolution 2019 to join the thousands of cleantech experts, that have joined forces to create sustainable solutions for mobility. rEVolution is the annual networking and idea-sharing conference for the mobility industry and beyond, connecting over 1000 mobility thought leaders from around the world.

This year, the conference challenges experts to create better solutions and bigger collaborations that will accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission future.

The key topics include:

By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 18 Feb 2019

Umeå announces new freight transport strategy


The city of Umeå, in northern Sweden, has developed its first integrated freight plan for the city centre. With a population of around 85 000, Umeå is the largest urban community in northern Sweden. Due to a fast-growing population and the boom of e-commerce, the city centre has been facing increasing traffic problems linked with the delivery of goods and services. A clear strategy for sustainable urban freight in the city centre was therefore essential.

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By Michiel Modijefsky / Updated: 14 Feb 2019

Netherlands to develop “metro-like” urban rail system to handle up to 40 percent growth in public transport until 2040


Trains should run every ten minutes between nine large cities. Passengers should be able to change seamlessly from the train on the metro, tram or bicycle. All public transport will be zero-emission and customer satisfaction ratings should reach an average of eight out of ten.