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Urban freight/city logistics
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City logistics comprise the delivery and collection of goods in urban areas. Improving city logistics may address transportation methods, handling and storage of goods, management of inventory, waste and returns, as well as home delivery services.

Making this process sustainable requires efficient interfaces between long-haul transport and short-distance distribution to the final destination. It also requires efficient planning of the routes to avoid empty runs or unnecessary driving and parking. Furthermore, sustainable urban freight requires smaller, more efficient and cleaner vehicles.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 02 Sep 2019
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 03 Sep 2019
By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 03 Sep 2019

Urban Policy Harmonisation in the Italian Emilia-Romagna Region


The NOVELOG project — New Cooperative Business Models and Guidance for Sustainable City Logistics —aimed to bring together and analyse knowledge and understanding of urban freight distribution and service trips. NOVELOG — which started in mid-2015 and ended in mid-2018 — has gone beyond the state of the art by developing an evaluation framework, collecting data, and developing software tools to support cities. In addition, it has undertaken demonstrations and case studies and developed guidelines to support cities in the take-up of improved urban freight distribution measures.

By Joe Gomersall / Updated: 22 Jul 2019


With more than 500 participants from over 20 countries, TRANSLOG Connect Congress is the leading event associated with transportation, logistics and supply chain management.

The aim of the conference is to help businesses boost their ability to respond to challenges in the market.

There are two main panel discussions, accompanied by various other speakers and presentations. The two topics covered by the panel are:

By Joe Gomersall / Updated: 22 Jul 2019

Transport and Logistics 2019

BVV’s internationally-recognised transport and logistics fair is a major event in Eastern Europe. With over 200 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors and buyers, this is a useful opportunity to develop links with businesses in the logistics sector.

The key topics include:

By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 01 Jul 2019

Genoa presents plan for clean deliveries in the city centre


The Italian city of Genoa has announced that it will introduce a scheme to ensure that deliveries in its old town are undertaken using environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The initiative, called “INVIA”, aims to respond to the need to reduce the polluting emissions associated with the deliveries of goods in the city and contributes to the creation of CO2-free city logistics, as envisaged by the European Commission.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 17 Jun 2019

Freight in the City 2019

The next Freight in the City Expo will take place on 6 November 2019 at Alexandra Palace, London. 

Last year’s Freight in the City Expo attracted around 1,000 visitors who came to see over 60 exhibitors showcasing the very latest vehicles, technology and equipment to enable urban deliveries to be made cleanly, safely, quietly and efficiently.

By Dagmar Roeller / Updated: 14 Jun 2019

Policy & Project Manager


Polis is looking for an experienced policy & project manager who will be employed on a full-time long-term contract. The policy and project manager will coordinate Polis’ policy and advocacy activities and will manage European-funded projects in the field of sustainable urban mobility and transport innovation. Apply until 17 June.

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By Tom Nokes / Updated: 15 Apr 2019

CIVITAS Forum 2019 - calls for contributions, exhibitors and sponsors ends 31 May


The calls for contributions, exhibitors and sponsors are currently open for this year's CIVITAS Forum closing 31 May 2019. For more information about the event, including the draft programme and full details on travel and accommodation, visit the event page here.

By rswa178 / Updated: 16 May 2019

CIVITAS Study Visit - Budapest (Hungary)

CIVITAS is organising a study visit to Budapest (Hungary) from 3-5 June 2019.

In the last few years, the city has become prominent on the international and European urban mobility scene thanks to participation in networks and mobility projects. The Hungarian capital has also been awarded prizes such as the prestigious European Mobility Week Award and the Euro-China Green and Smart City Award.