Transport for people with reduced mobility

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Planners, policy makers and transport providers need to ensure accessibility for passengers with specific needs such as people with disabilities or senior citizens. This may include measures to ensure the accessibility of public transport or specific services such as 'dial-a-ride' schemes.

By Sofia Pechin / Updated: 18 Oct 2021

Taxi vouchers made available for those people most in need in Italy

The ministry of transport in Italy is providing funds for people with disabilities, or for those who have suffered financial loss as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, to support their mobility. The funds are being provided in the form of vouchers so that beneficiaries are able to receive discounts while travelling by taxi.
By lauraschubert / Updated: 24 Sep 2021

CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021

The CIVITAS Forum is a bi-annual event hosted by the CIVITAS Initiative that celebrates, promotes and encourages sustainable cities and sustainable urban mobility advancement across Europe.

Hosted this year in Aachen, Germany, the conference will be guided by the central theme 'Smart routes towards climate-neutral cities'.

The CIVITAS Forum 2021 will take place on 20-21 October 2021. It is a hybrid conference, with participants joining on-site in Aachen (Germany) and online.

By dana.agrotti / Updated: 15 Sep 2021

Overcoming barriers, inclusiveness in public transport systems

POLIS has launched a webinar series delving into the future of public transport. Across a series of exclusive events, they look towards the next generation of public transport, from automation to decarbonisation, shared mobility hubs to MaaS, infrastructure to inclusion, identifying the key challenges and laying the tracks for shared solutions.

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 15 Sep 2021
By Sofia Pechin / Updated: 09 Aug 2021

UK government announces a strategy to increase accessibility for all

The Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK recently announced a range of initiatives that will improve autonomy for people with reduced mobility. The initiative follows the “It’s everyone’s journey” campaign, launched in 2020 to boost equal access across all forms of public transport and encourage people to be more supportive of others when travelling.
By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 29 Jul 2021
By Conall Martin / Updated: 12 Jul 2021
By Conall Martin / Updated: 15 Apr 2021
By Conall Martin / Updated: 13 Apr 2021
By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 01 Apr 2021