Shared mobility

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Shared mobility refers to the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other transportation modes.

It is a transportation strategy that allows users to access transportation services on an as-needed basis. Shared mobility is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of transportation modes including carsharing, bike-sharing, peer-to-peer ridesharing, on-demand ride services, micro transit, and other modes.

By ManesP / Updated: 04 May 2021

Porsche Bank expands its car sharing for companies and communities

Under the brand "sharetoo – mobility by Porsche Bank", the Austrian financial services provider for motor vehicles has been involved in the car sharing market for several years. Currently, sharetoo services are available in Austria, Romania and Serbia. Porsche Bank plans to add to its portfolio by rolling them out in other countries as well.
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Multimodality made visible – Mobility Points in Baltic Sea Region cities

How can we transform our urban areas from car-dominated spaces to spaces for people? Can we support changes to the way that people travel in cities through the provision of multimodal infrastructure and options? How can we, together with our residents, create a city space for all?

These were the leading questions for the cities.multimodal projects (INTERREG BSR Programme 2017-2021), including 10 cities around the Baltic Sea as well as numerous expert partners.

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Norwegian shared mobility provider Bilkollektivet chooses MOQO - Environmentally friendly mobility concept with high growth potential

More and more people than ever before are signing up to Bilkollektivet , a cooperative founded 25 years ago in Oslo and the oldest car sharing provider in the country. Every month 400 to 500 new people register up for the ever-growing pool of vehicles. A cooperation between the Norwegians and the German mobility software specialist MOQO ( now makes car sharing even easier, more transparent and more convenient for both the operators and the approximately 11,000 users it now boasts.