Safety and urban mobility

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As active travel becomes more popular in Europe, the way in which urban spaces are being used is changing. Safety and urban mobility includes the ways in which practitioners seek to ensure the safety of all road and public space users – incorporating all modes of urban travel. 

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 14 Apr 2022

ITS European Congress

The ITS European Congress, the largest event entirely dedicated to smart mobility and digitalisation of transport, is organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe.

The ITS European Congress is part of a bigger cluster of ITS Congresses. It is organised in a European city in the years where there is no ITS World Congress in Europe. These events are a strategic opportunity for the transport industry to come together and show the latest innovations, with a slightly different focus for each year.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 14 Dec 2021
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 13 Dec 2021

Madrid: The continued use of public transport during COVID-19

During the pandemic Madrid managed to keep public transport running safely and efficiently. This video case study highlights how their public transport system adapted, presenting the measures taken by the city to ensure the safe continued use of public transport.
By hubert / Updated: 06 Dec 2021
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 08 Dec 2021
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 03 Dec 2021

A gender and diversity sensitive transport system in the notion of Gender Smart Mobility

TInnGO has set up a gender and diversity sensitive transport system in the notion of Gender Smart Mobility. Gender Smart Mobility contains five key dimensions, which are set up to respond to gender and diversity in transport.
By CERRE_comms / Updated: 03 Dec 2021

Regulating Transport on Demand in the EU

Effectively addressing urban mobility at EU level raises many challenges and opportunities for the sector. Following the major initiatives and strategies adopted by the EU such as the Green Deal, the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the Fit for 55 Package, and the upcoming Urban Mobility Framework, the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) has looked into the potential role of the EU in the field of transport on demand.

By Adrian Ng Gonza... / Updated: 19 Nov 2021
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 18 Nov 2021
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 16 Nov 2021