Safety and urban mobility

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As active travel becomes more popular in Europe, the way in which urban spaces are being used is changing. Safety and urban mobility includes the ways in which practitioners seek to ensure the safety of all road and public space users – incorporating all modes of urban travel. 

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 13 Nov 2019
By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 04 Nov 2019

URBAN FUTURE Global Conference

Cities are key to the sustainable future of our planet. Massive changes are necessary to fight climate change and social inequalities. But is technology really the most relevant solution to driving change? Urban Future believes that it is all about people: active, passionate and visionary decision-makers are the ones who can make our cities more sustainable.

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 04 Nov 2019

National Air Quality Conference

As health-damaging levels of air pollutants in towns and cities continue, there is a need to identify and share information on delivering policies that offer quantifiable benefits for health, energy, urban design and transport.

The National Air Quality Conference in the UK, organised by Air Quality News, will explore some of the issues and the possible solutions to the continuing high levels of air pollution in communities. The Conference will serve as a platform for business, local authorities and others to learn and network. 

By Thomas Mourey / Updated: 24 Oct 2019
By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 01 Nov 2019

Muni World 2020

Muni World is an annual offline think tank, focused on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing Smart Cities. Mayors and senior officers from leading global cities convene to discuss proven best practices and exchange expertise. Muni World 2020 will feature a 3-day special international programme, focusing on areas pertaining to smart cities: innovation, environmental issues and approaches to urban planning and transportation. 

By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 23 Oct 2019

Scotland becomes first UK nation to ban pavement parking

The Scottish parliament has passed a bill to implement a nationwide ban on pavement parking, becoming the first UK nation to implement such a ban.

According to the new legislation, parking a vehicle, even partially, on a pavement will be forbidden. Existing laws already covered pavement parking, but they were rarely enforced due to a lack of clarity.

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 30 Sep 2019

Micromobility Europe

The Micro mobility Europe conference will present a full-day agenda made up of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities with the most influential people in first-and-last mile transportation. Join hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and policymakers in Berlin on 1 October and become part of the largest movement in the world to unbundle the car with lightweight electric vehicles. 

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 30 Sep 2019

Micro-mobility: the next big thing?

European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc and DG MOVE are inviting mobility stakeholders to the conference 'Micro-mobility: the next big thing?'.

The conference will focus on the new transport developments of micro-mobility such as electric scooters, bikes, mopeds, and drones. Together with representatives of city authorities and micro-mobility companies the conference aims to be the first large-scale event to provide a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities micro-mobility presents for people moving in urban areas and also for deliveries. 

By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 24 Sep 2019

Pledge your support for Project EDWARD to help make Europe's roads safer on Thursday 26 September

Every year since 2016 on the day dubbed as 'Project EDWARD' the European Commission has promoted safe and responsible driving in an effort to experience a European Day Without A Road Death. The long-term aim is to spearhead significant and sustained reduction in death and serious injury on roads across the world. Drivers across Europe can pledge their support for the campaign by reminding family and friends about important safety checks, safe driving behaviour and taking responsibility whilst on the road.
By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 24 Sep 2019


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