Safety and urban mobility

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As active travel becomes more popular in Europe, the way in which urban spaces are being used is changing. Safety and urban mobility includes the ways in which practitioners seek to ensure the safety of all road and public space users – incorporating all modes of urban travel. 

By Isobel Duxfield / Updated: 26 Jan 2023

Gender equal mobility: beyond the ‘vulnerable user’ paradigm

That our urban mobility systems fail women is no secret; however, an enduring perception of women as ‘vulnerable users’ is obstructing the comprehensive change demanded. We urgently need to view women as not just primary transport users, but also decision-makers; this means understanding how gender really operates.

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 09 Jan 2023

PIARC World Road Congress

The XXVIIth edition of the PIARC World Road Congress, held every four years, will take place in Prague from 2–6 October 2023. The theme is “Prague 2023 – Together on the road again.” The event is an opportunity for professionals and stakeholders in the road construction and road management industries to discuss road safety in person. Stakeholders will present the latest trends and technologies in the road transport sector and discuss the challenges emerging due to the modernisation of road infrastructure.

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 09 Jan 2023

7th UN Global Road Safety Week

The UN General Assembly mandates the WHO and the UN regional commissions to plan and host periodic UN Global Road Safety Weeks. 

The 7th UN Global Road Safety Week will take this year from 15-21 May. The theme is sustainable transport, and specifically the need for governments to facilitate a shift to walking, cycling and using public transport. Road safetly is both a prerequisite for this shift to happen and an outcome of it. The slogan is #RethinkMobility.

By Lindsay Teale / Updated: 04 Jan 2023
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 29 Nov 2022

ETSC PIN talk on reducing child road deaths

This online ETSC PIN talk on 14 December 2022 10:00-12:00 CET will focus on reducing child road deaths and the related measures that contribute to the safe mobility of children. The ETSC (the European Transport Safety Council) will present the findings of its latest PIN Flash on reducing child road deaths on European roads and Norway has been invited to describe the initiatives it has taken to reduce child road deaths.

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 15 Nov 2022
By Jane Tewson / Updated: 28 Nov 2022

EU Road Safety - Results conference 2022

The EU Road Safety - Results conference 2022 will take place online and in person in Brussels on 8 December 2022, 09:30-16:30 CET. The conference is an opportunity to engage with EU Member State authorities and stakeholders on the progress being made towards implementing the Safe System approach. Participants will learn how the work towards the Key Performance Indicators set out in the Next Steps Towards Vision Zero policy framework is moving forward.

By Matthew Collings / Updated: 19 Oct 2022
By Hannah Figg / Updated: 19 Oct 2022
By sebnolens / Updated: 03 Nov 2022