Public and stakeholder involvement

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Effective policies and measures require the involvement and ownership of stakeholders, including the wider public. A strategy that includes the public and stakeholders can help cities undertake effective reviews and host discussions that can strengthen urban mobility plans and enable greater chances of success.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 14 May 2018

Violeta Bulc's opening speech at the 2018 European SUMP conference

The European Commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, opened this year’s SUMP conference on ‘Planning for multimodal cities’. Speaking via a video message, Bulc welcomed the attendees to Nicosia describing the conference as ‘maybe the most important annual conference on European urban mobility’.

By rswa178 / Updated: 08 May 2018
By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 01 May 2018
By rswa178 / Updated: 01 May 2018
By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 31 Jul 2018
By Tom Nokes / Updated: 30 Apr 2018

Developing Poland's electromobility sector is a challenge but also a huge opportunity


Michał Kurtyka, Poland’s deputy minister of energy, recently presented Poland’s Electromobility Development Plan. He spoke of the challenges faced in developing electric transport but also of the huge opportunity to create a new and competitive market, as reported by Euractiv.  

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 18 Apr 2018

Malta Public Transport and Fundación MAPFRE jointly invest €100,000 to help make our roads safer


As part of its commitment to keep safety as a top priority, Malta Public Transport, in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE, has launched a Road Safety Campaign, investing over €100,000.

The campaign includes a number of initiatives aimed at different segments of the population, ranging from school children to the general public. The main objective of all these initiatives is to raise awareness about road safety, given that each person using the road has an important part to play, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, drivers or passengers.

By ChloeMispelon / Updated: 12 Apr 2018

Shared mobility enabling MaaS in Milan’s SUMP

The city of Milan has just adopted its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan after 3.5 years of preparation. The process involved several public consultations under the supervision of a Scientific Steering Committee. The SUMP is based on an appropriate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and a Cost Benefit Analysis. The Plan aims at reshaping Milan’s overall mobility over the next 10 years, redefining the boundaries of the metropolitan city and serving large suburban areas.

By elemobility2018 / Updated: 12 Apr 2018
By Florinda Boschetti / Updated: 04 Apr 2018