Public and stakeholder involvement

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Effective policies and measures require the involvement and ownership of stakeholders, including the wider public. A strategy that includes the public and stakeholders can help cities undertake effective reviews and host discussions that can strengthen urban mobility plans and enable greater chances of success.

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Managing New Mobility: How to Regulate E-Scooters

GECKO supports authorities with tools and recommendations for new regulatory frameworks to lead the transition to the new mobility era of cooperative, inclusive, competitive, sustainable and interconnected mobility across all modes, through evidence-based research. GECKO provides a holistic approach with innovative concepts, methodologies and forward-looking tools to enable this transition to take place, leading to new, adaptive and anticipatory regulatory schemes and balanced governance.

By Patrick Troy / Updated: 06 Mar 2020

European Commission launches the Intelligent Cities Challenge

The European Commission has just announced a €7 million action to help promote green, climate-neutral, sustainable growth in 100 smaller EU cities. The 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is part of many EU projects that will contribute to the European Green Deal, an economy fit for the digital age and for the people.
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Smart Transport Conference

The Smart Transport Conference is dedicated to connecting the policies set out by the public sector to the capabilities presented by the private sector through networking, knowledge transferring and debates. The conference presents the key challenges and opportunities that potential delegates could face as a result of:

By cnebusi / Updated: 08 Jun 2020