Public and stakeholder involvement

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Effective policies and measures require the involvement and ownership of stakeholders, including the wider public. A strategy that includes the public and stakeholders can help cities undertake effective reviews and host discussions that can strengthen urban mobility plans and enable greater chances of success.

By News Editor / Updated: 14 Apr 2015

Successfully involving stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of any decision-making process and is recognised by transport practitioners and decision-makers as a critical factor for successful implementation of mobility measures.

The CIVITAS Initiative has developed a toolkit for use by transport practitioners so they can effectively involve stakeholders in the planning of measures. The toolkit includes elements to help plan, carry out and evaluate the process of engaging stakeholders.

See below to download the document.

By News Editor / Updated: 05 May 2015
By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 17 Feb 2015

TOGETHER on the move – energy-efficient transport training for immigrants

The European Union attracts immigrants from all over the globe. Apart from obvious barriers such as financial, language or cultural barriers, immigrants also have to adapt to complex European mobility systems. Driving a car sometimes seems the easiest solution, but isn’t the most preferred option in terms of energy efficiency. Moreover, mobility and (easy) access to different transport modes is a precondition for finding a job, social inclusion and successful integration in a new society.

By News Editor / Updated: 10 Oct 2017

Marketing sustainable mobility

Successful sustainable mobility measures can only come about through reaching the people for whom they are designed. Communicating directly and indirectly with users also helps to demonstrate transparency and a willingness to engage and involve citizens and stakeholders in a dialogue about services which are important to them.

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Jan 2015

Promoting car-free kid-friendly streets in Brasov (Romania)

The City of Brasov together with the Agency for Energy and Environment's Protection Management (ABMEE), have implemented the first 'Children Street' in Brasov within the project BAMBINI. In order to raise awareness and promote this brand new concept of Children Streets in Romania, ABMEE organised an event launch in the historical centre to which kindergarten children and their parents, grandparents and teachers were invited.

By News Editor / Updated: 06 May 2015
By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 22 Sep 2015

European Mobility Week

Ten years ago, the European Commission invited municipalities across the EU to take action against the threat of climate change and to improve the quality of life for citizens by making cities more pleasant places to live in. This brochure focuses on 22 cities which have featured in the Mobility Week awards in the last ten years.

By News Editor / Updated: 04 Aug 2015

Involving older stakeholders

The AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook is intended to encourage organisations which are not familiar with stakeholder involvement to try out some of the tools and techniques in their own projects.

Since excellent work has been done in this field before, this document is largely building on these experiences and focusing on older people and relevant stakeholders. 

See below to download the handbook. For more information visit

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Jan 2015

Public participation in sustainable transport

Consultation and participation of key stakeholders and members of the public when developing sustainable transport measures is a valuable process, helping to drive public acceptance and design more effective schemes. This handbook, produced by the GUIDEMAPS project, provides a great deal of advice on this topic together with practical examples from cities that have used innovative public participation strategies to help them to improve their planning and delivery of sustainable transport policies.

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Jan 2015

Raising awareness of older people's PT needs in Kraków (Poland)

The aim of this campaign was to promote appropriate behaviour towards older people using public transport among children and young people. It started in December 2009 with a series of meetings at schools and continued in 2010 with its marketing stage – posters in the centre of the city. The activity finished in September 2010.