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The process of developing policy generally involves research, analysis, consultation and synthesis of information to produce recommendations. Guidelines can help cities develop and assess their transport policies to address existing and new policy objectives. Research organisations and institutions provide valuable data and analysis to underpin policy recommendations and decisions.


By Cláudia Ribeiro / Updated: 08 Apr 2020

Report on new mobility services published by the Partnership on Urban Mobility

The dawn of new mobility services brings about both opportunities and challenges for European cities. The Urban Agenda for the EU will bring about guidance on how to better integrate last-mile solutions in the ecosystems of European cities.

By Sofia Pechin / Updated: 06 Apr 2020
By rswa178 / Updated: 02 Apr 2020

SUMPs-Up Mobility Practitioners Webinar - Financing and Funding Options for Sustainable Urban Mobility

This mobility practitioners webinar from CIVITAS SUMPs-Up looks at different financing and funding options for SUMPs.

Discover the various sources that you can use to finance your SUMP, including potential local revenue streams, national level funding, and European financing mechanisms.

Lisbon Metropolitan Area presents its financing model as a case study, whilst a topic guide is presented that helps mobility practitioners identify ways to fund and finance SUMP development and measure implementation.

By rswa178 / Updated: 02 Apr 2020

SUMPs-Up Mobility Practitioners Webinar: Integrating SUMPs into urban planning and climate work

This mobility practitioner webinar from CIVITAS SUMPs-Up focuses on how to integrate SUMPs into urban planning, climate and energy strategies.

Alongside CIVITAS SUMPs-Up experts, a presentation is given by the SIMPLA project, which harmonised Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and SUMPs.

The City of Lahti (Finland) also introduces its “Lahti Direction” urban development plan, which integrated mobility and land-use planning.

By rswa178 / Updated: 02 Apr 2020

SUMPs-UP Mobility Practitioners Webinar: Second Edition of the SUMP Guidelines

The fifth SUMPs-Up webinar for mobility practitioners introduces a landmark new document: the second edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines.

Launched in October 2019, they contain a fully updated SUMP cycle, more details on the measure planning, financing and implementation aspects, and over 60 new good practice examples from cities all around Europe. They are presented by Lasse Brand, Rupprecht Consult, one of the main authors of the Guidelines.

By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 01 Apr 2020
By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 27 Mar 2020
By Greta.Riauba / Updated: 02 Apr 2020

Green Auto Summit 2020

Merging key automotive industry players in one place, the closed-door Green Auto Summit 2020 will take place in Stuttgart, Böblingen on 19-20 October, 2020.

Industry professionals and policymakers will delve into debates on many interesting topics, including:

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 19 Mar 2020

Toward sustainable mobility - one neighbourhood at a time

Please note that this event has been scheduled to take place on 05 May 2020. Due to current COVID-19 concerns, those with an interest in attending should check the event website for the most up-to-date information. 

The Conference showcases the processes and results of five distinct European projects focusing on mobility covering over 27 locations across Europe and beyond.

By Patrick Troy / Updated: 13 Mar 2020

Special report 06/2020: Sustainable Urban Mobility in the EU: No substantial improvement is possible without Member States’ commitment

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has just released their special report, ‘Sustainable urban mobility in the EU: No substantial improvement is possible without Member States’ commitment’. The auditors examined whether EU support had helped the development of more sustainable urban mobility options and if cities had progressed since the European Commission’s 2013 Urban Mobility Package.