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Mobility management refers to the promotion of sustainable transport. At the core of mobility management are 'soft' awareness-raising measures like information, communication and marketing campaigns. Mobility management measures do not necessarily require large financial investments and may provide cities with good value for money.

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ECOMM 2022 - The 25th European Conference on Mobility Management in Turku

ECOMM 2022 welcomes you to Turku, Finland!

Are you looking for innovative ideas or co-operation opportunities? Join the 25th ECOMM in Turku, Finland, from 31 May to 2 June 2022. Learn about the latest research, broaden your academic horizons and have fun with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Don't miss your opportunity on the Early Bird tickets (available until 22 April).

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#DBUdigital Online Forum "Sustainable Mobility in the District"

Neighbourhoods are particularly important in mobility transitions because the every-day paths of most people begin and end in a residential area. To encourage residents to become more sustainable, a diverse and differentiated local transport infrastructure is crucial, as is the acceptance of alternatives to local car use. Both contribute to multimodal transport behaviour and thus to more sustainable mobility.