Mobility management

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Mobility management refers to the promotion of sustainable transport. At the core of mobility management are 'soft' awareness-raising measures like information, communication and marketing campaigns. Mobility management measures do not necessarily require large financial investments and may provide cities with good value for money.

By diamantina / Updated: 17 Sep 2020

ICSD 2021 : 9th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 8 - 9 September Rome, Italy

European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Technology will organise the 9th ICSD 2021 International Conference on Sustainable Development, with particular focus on Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural Sustainability.

The Conference theme: Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: Research, Practice and Education.

By Pashx / Updated: 09 Sep 2020

PoliVisu Webinar on Traffic Modelling

Transportation systems are facing many changes caused by the introduction of disruptive technologies and services. Modeling has long been used to measure the impact of these and other changes (e.g. new policies, land development) on local traffic conditions. Given that the new age of mobility is upon us, the way we analyse our transportation network must change, too. Specifically, transport modeling should become more agile and experimental, leveraging new data sources and advanced technologies to deliver insightful results to decision makers.

By Cláudia Ribeiro / Updated: 07 Sep 2020
By Antal Gertheis / Updated: 21 Aug 2020

Both employers and employees adjusted well during the lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic induced dramatic change in all our lives. To maintain physical distancing measures, most companies introduced working from home. However, it was not possible for every business. The SASMOB project teamed up with Magyar CIVINET to organise a virtual roundtable discussion about the impacts of the pandemic on workplace mobility among large employers in Szeged (Hungary), and also monitored the induced measures via an online survey.
By Sofia Pechin / Updated: 21 Aug 2020
By michalbrennek / Updated: 20 Aug 2020

SUMBA Commuting Master Plan Template

Project SUMBA has created a tool to support cities in creating a strategic approach to change commuting towards more sustainable and inter-modal patterns.

The aim of the document is to provide guidance and tips for compiling Commuting Master Plans in urban regions and to give recommendations on which aspects to include. It will also provide recommendations for possible solutions to the key challenges.

By michalbrennek / Updated: 28 Aug 2020
By Elena Tavlaki / Updated: 17 Aug 2020

SUITS Capacity Building Toolbox

The SUITS project aim, to increase the capacity of local authorities to develop and implement sustainable, inclusive, integrated and accessible transport strategies, policies, technologies, practices, procedures, tools, measures and intelligent transport systems that recognize the end-to-end travel experiences of all users and freight”; was achieved through the development of a suite of learning materials (Capacity Building Program) for decision makers and planners in small and medium sized cities.

By adham / Updated: 13 Aug 2020
By adham / Updated: 13 Aug 2020