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Intermodal transport refers to the use of at least two different modes of transport during one door-to-door journey. The level of integration in terms of ownership, operation or usability is an important aspect of intermodality. Improving intermodal transport requires the development of seamless integrated transport chains.

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The BUFTOD conference is a dedicated arena for the debate on Transit Oriented Development, allowing the crossing of scientific disciplines and the associated approaches and exchanging on cases studies at the international level (in Europe, Americas, Asia ...).

The BUFTOD 2012 conference will explore the role of rail and other transport modes in transit oriented development and the connection with spatial development at the urban and regional scales.

From the abstracts selected by the scientific committee, six sessions have been identified as follows:
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Transnational Forum

How To make Sustainable Transport Easy To Use By All?
A key objective for local and regional authorities as part of carbon reduction strategies and a key challenge in the Atlantic Area

A 2-day Transnational Forum organised in the framework of the START Project, with the support of the Atlantic Area Transnational Cooperation Programme will look into very practical solutions which can answer this objective.

Who should attend?
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INTERMODES is the first international convention devoted to intermodality in passenger transport. For this fourth event, INTERMODES will welcome to the European capital Brussels on February 8th 2012, 300 delegates coming from the 27 European countries. The spotlight will be placed on Denmark, which will hold the Presidency of the European Union Council during the first half of 2012.

Preliminary programme
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Changing attitudes to using public transport (Belgium)

Driving can be a stressful and frustrating activity, particularly in Flanders where some 95 per cent of drivers vent their anger with traffic by swearing. Armed with this data, Flemish public transport company De Lijn launched a clever marketing campaign encouraging drivers to swap from cars to public transport.