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Intermodal transport refers to the use of at least two different modes of transport during one door-to-door journey. The level of integration in terms of ownership, operation or usability is an important aspect of intermodality. Improving intermodal transport requires the development of seamless integrated transport chains.

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Feature your city in a new CIVITAS e-publication and videos

Unfortunately, the CIVITAS study visits scheduled for 2020 could not take place due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

But as an alternative, CIVITAS is producing an interactive e-publication that will immerse readers in the best practices of leading mobility cities. Alongside the cities selected to host the study visits in 2020, it will include two other cities.

Apply now to have your city featured - present three sustainable urban mobility best practices and showcase your city with a video!

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Helsinki´s trials with smart mobility show their first results

In the context of a wider, three-year strategy in which it has experimented with smart mobility, the Finnish capital Helsinki has concluded its 'Last Mile' smart mobility project. The city has also launched a new trial, with the launch of a 50-day pilot of an autonomous bus service.

The 'Last Mile' project tested new smart and integrated mobility services and solutions, by working closely with residents, commuters and tourists, and using their feedback and mobility data to support transport planning.