Collective passenger transport

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Besides public transport such as rail, metro, tram and bus networks, collective passenger transport also covers car-sharing, car-pooling and flexible mobility services such as train-taxi schemes and demand-responsive transport in areas of low demand.

Improvements to public transport services may address public transport vehicles and related infrastructure, as well as management techniques.

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LOW-CARB’s pilots and innovations for low-carbon mobility in cities

In this webinar, the Interreg LOW-CARB Project will showcase the implementation of its innovative pilots that advance low-carbon mobility and sustainable mobility planning in Central Europe. The unique contexts of Central European regions give it the potential to leapfrog its way into the greener sustainable futures and can lead the rest of Europe by setting a good example. This webinar presents five of LOW-CARB’s pilots in Leipzig (DE), Skawina & Kraków (PL), Koprivnica (HR), and Szeged (HU). They are:

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Poznan tests multifunctional e-paper bus stop displays

The Polish city of Poznan has started a three-month trial phase to test electronic paper (e-paper) displays for its bus stops.

The trial aims to compare the use of e-paper compared to LED displays. The functionalities of the e-paper displays include four buttons that allow users to navigate to the travel information of their interest. Users can access detailed information, real time predictions, timetables and route maps. The displays also offer audio options, which will read the text out to those who choose this option.

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Free public transport in Montpellier

The residents of the metropolis of Montpellier have been able to travel free of charge every weekend on board buses and trams throughout the metropolitan area since 5 September 2020. The offer applies the residents only. All who live in one of the 31 municipalities of the Montpellier metropolis can apply for the free weekend pass, which is available from the public transport mobile application (M'Ticket TaM) and on the public transport card (TaM card).

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Feature your city in a new CIVITAS e-publication and videos

Unfortunately, the CIVITAS study visits scheduled for 2020 could not take place due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

But as an alternative, CIVITAS is producing an interactive e-publication that will immerse readers in the best practices of leading mobility cities. Alongside the cities selected to host the study visits in 2020, it will include two other cities.

Apply now to have your city featured - present three sustainable urban mobility best practices and showcase your city with a video!