Collective passenger transport

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Besides public transport such as rail, metro, tram and bus networks, collective passenger transport also covers car-sharing, car-pooling and flexible mobility services such as train-taxi schemes and demand-responsive transport in areas of low demand.

Improvements to public transport services may address public transport vehicles and related infrastructure, as well as management techniques.

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Rivas Vaciamadrid: using a SUMP to enhance environmental and social wellbeing

In 2010, Rivas Vaciamadrid implemented its first SUMP and three years later, Rivas Vaciamadrid received the SUMP Award, recognising the city’s ambitious goals to enhance sustainability mobility. Rivas Vaciamadrid’s SUMP covers five key thematic areas: pedestrians; bicycles; public transport; private vehicles (and parking) and stakeholder involvement.
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Public transport in Spanish city of Ontinyent will be free from 2020

The mayor of Ontinyent, Jorge Rodriguez, has announced that all urban transport in the city will become free of charge from 1 January 2020. This is a pioneering measure in cities of more than 30,000 inhabitants in Spain. The announcement coincides with the completion of the current contract for urban transport service.

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Europe's sustainable transport trailblazers revealed at CIVITAS Awards 2019

On 3 October at the CIVITAS Forum in Graz, the cities of Antwerp (Belgium), Bremen (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and Vinnytsia (Ukraine) walked away with Europe’s most prestigious prizes for clean, green mobility.

These cities were the deserving recipients of this year's CIVITAS Awards. The awards were given for the most ambitious initiative, exemplary citizen engagement, creating a high-impact legacy through CIVITAS involvement, and transforming a city into a more liveable environment.

By Michiel Modijefsky / Updated: 10 Oct 2019