Autonomous and connected vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles are rapidly becoming a reality on European roads and can range from self-driving vehicles to those that provide early hazard warning and avoidance. The deployment of autonomous vehicles will lead to changes to policy, the legal framework – and a shift in public perception. 

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Five European cities will test autonomous on-demand buses

In the course of the spring and summer of 2020, five European cities will be testing autonomous on-demand buses within real life conditions.

The demonstration projects aim to explore how autonomous on-demand buses can be integrated into real world conditions and how driverless vehicles can operate within existing public transport systems. The demonstrations will help to evaluate the functionality, interoperability and security of autonomous fleets. 

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CoEXist Final Conference (virtual event)

CoEXist is a European project (May 2017 – April 2020) which aims at preparing the transition phase during which automated and conventional vehicles will co-exist on cities’ roads. The mission of CoEXist is to systematically increase the capacity of road authorities and other urban mobility stakeholders to get ready for the transition towards a shared road network with an increasing number of automated vehicles, using the same road network as conventional vehicles.