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  1. Event
    06 September 2021

    Velo-city 2021

    Lingwa English 168 reads Velo-city is widely considered to be the premier worldwide annual cycling summit, serving as a global knowledge exchange platform. It brings together all those who are involved in...

  2. Event
    20 July 2021

    Cycle County Active County 2020

    Lingwa English 193 reads Please note that the event originally scheduled to take place on 8-9 July 2020 has been postponed to 20-21 July 2021 due to COVID-19. Please visit the event website for the latest...

  3. Case study
    17 May 2021
  4. Event
    01 June 2021

    Celebrating Cycling Cities: Sharing European Best Practice

    1 June 2021 at 15:00 CET. ECF and DCE are hosting an event that will share best practices for how to deliver cycle-friendly urban mobility systems. ...

  5. News
    18 May 2021

    Prague plans to invest €14 million in cycling infrastructure

    Prague will construct 21 km of new cycling tracks this year, with 8 km more planned for next year. ...

  6. News
    17 May 2021

    Join the #SlowDownChallenge for the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week

    As part of the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week, the UN Road Safety Fund has launched the sports competition #SlowDownChallenge. ...

  7. Event
    19 May 2021

    Autonomy Digital 2.0

    Jazyk Anglicky 6x přečteno Autonomy is a Business2Business/Business2Government platform that brings together all the players involved in sustainable and intelligent mobility. Innovators, startups and large...

  8. News
    30 April 2021

    Bicycles and ITS: Sniffer bike

    letto 39 volte Mobility, the environment and 'citizen science' all come together in the 'sniffer bike'. Almost two years after the launch of the sniffer bike, it has become clear that...

  9. News
    29 April 2021

    France moves to offer financial incentive for electric bikes

    France is set to offer residents a chance to trade in their vehicles for an electric bike. The scheme will provide individuals with a €2,500 grant to purchase an electric bike should they choose to scrap...

  10. News
    22 April 2021

    Additional bike lanes induce large increases in cycling

    10 reads Build new roads and you will get more car traffic. Does cycling increase when more cycling infrastructure is built? Yes, is the answer based on a new study by researchers from MCC (Mercator...