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  1. Event
    17 May 2021

    THE PEP 2021

    видяно 9 пъти Език Английски The Fifth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment (5HLM) will bring together ministers and high-level officials from the governments of 56 Member States of the...

  2. Event
    10 May 2021

    THE PEP 2021: Side events

    видяно 9 пъти Език Английски As part of the 5th High-level Ministerial Conference Meeting of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP), a series of thematic webinars will be...

  3. News
    22 April 2021

    Additional bike lanes induce large increases in cycling

    10 reads Build new roads and you will get more car traffic. Does cycling increase when more cycling infrastructure is built? Yes, is the answer based on a new study by researchers from MCC (Mercator...

  4. News
    21 April 2021

    UN Task Force issues recommendations for green and healthy transport to support a sustainable COVID-19 recovery

    A UN Task Force has developed a key set of recommendations for the mobility system that European countries can implement in response to Covid-19. ...

  5. Case study
    11 February 2021
  6. News
    12 February 2021

    Transport Success: 21 Heroes of 2021

    392 läsningar TUMI (Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative) has published a report ' 21Heroes2021 ', acknowledging the success of 21 individuals for their contributions to the transport sector...

  7. Event
    03 February 2021

    Transforming Transportation 2021

    Language English 4 reads The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global transport sector and the people and businesses that rely on it in unprecedented ways. Across the globe, rethinking mobility is now a...

  8. Event
    26 January 2021

    Act TravelWise Annual Conference

    Keel Inglise keel loetud 21 korda The overarching theme for this year's Act TravelWise Conference is Creating a Blueprint for a Post-Covid World- Local, Connected, Clean & Active. The Covid...

  9. Event
    14 December 2020

    Managing the unexpected: SUMPS and new mobility services during COVID-19

    24 reads Language English English HARMONY will host a webinar to discuss “Managing the unexpected: SUMPS and new mobility services during COVID-19”. The webinar will take place on 14 December 2020 from 14...

  10. News
    24 November 2020

    Difficulties and advantages of the lockdown – as seen by the employees

    42 reads Companies in Szeged reacted quickly to the challenges imposed by the pandemic situation- and subsequent lockdown. In a previous article, the SASMOB project reported on the introduction of working...