Call for tender: Sustainable rural mobility for COVID-19 resilience and support of ecotourism


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By Francine Long / Posodobljeno: 17 May 2022

On 10 May 2022, a call for tender was published for procedure SMARTA 3 by DG MOVE at the European Commission.

This pilot project will be investigating sustainable rural mobility for COVID-19 resilience and support of ecotourism. The analysis will be focussed on integrating the peri-urban and rural dimensions contained within new and existing SUMPs.

In addition to this, investigations will take place to determine the SUMP level deemed most appropriate (for example covering regional, urban, metropolitan or rural areas). Analysis will also be carried out to determine the capacity at a rural level for integrated sustainable urban mobility planning. This will include recommendations on how to go about dedicating capacity. 

  • Funding available: EUR 1,990,500
  • Deadline: 14 June 2022

For more information and to submit a tender, see here.


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