Dublin: Hike It, Bike It, Like It


Sporočilo o napaki

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By Ella Andrew / Posodobljeno: 25 Nov 2019

Drimnagh is a suburb in Dublin, where the local community has been engaged in ‘smarter travel’ since 2008. Dublin City Council has actively encouraged residents to move towards safe and sustainable modes of transport, as well as modes which have a positive impact on health.

The Smarter Travel project aimed to encourage citizens to take a more considered approach to their mobility choices. In 2012, following an unsuccessful bid for the Smarter Travel Areas Competition and extensive community engagement, particularly with local schools, the Smarter Travel project was rebranded to 'Hike It, Bike It, Like It'.

The scheme engaged with the local community to encourage school children, and residents more generally, to adopt active travel as an alternative to motorised transport.

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