Global Challenges in Transport Oxford Leadership Programme : Health and Wellbeing course


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By GCT / Posodobljeno: 08 Oct 2019
Tuesday 10 December 2019 at 13:00
Friday 13 December 2019 at 14:00
Language: English
Past event

Explore the latest research and thinking on the relationships between transport, public health, and wellbeing, in a 4-days residential course by Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit (10-13 Dec 2019).

Current transport systems, with associated emissions and lifestyle choices, have widespread adverse impacts on public health and wellbeing. The associated physical inactivity, emissions, and traffic accidents all are a growing source of public concern.

This 4-day residential course is part of our Global Challenges in Transport Oxford Leadership Programme, designed to provide decision-makers with the necessary skills and expertise to address the complex challenges of sustainable transport futures. The course covers the latest research on the complex relationships among different forms of transport and mobility, with health, and wellbeing, including safety and air pollution. It introduces a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches and tools to consider transport-related health impacts and social equity across spatial scales, geographical contexts, and transport modes.

Specific attention is given to the potential benefits associated with promoting active travel and in considering how active travel can be encouraged, and how cycling and walking can deliver benefits to personal well-being, public health, the economy, and the environment.

Both participants and speakers contribute to the interactive sessions, bringing insights from different sectors and global locations.

The main themes covered in the course are:

  • health, well-being, and mobility;
  • active travel;
  • the social and distributional impacts of transport;
  • the use of health impact assessment tools;
  • pathways to increase road safety.

Our speakers will include worldwide experts from academia and the public sector such as;

  • Prof Tim Schwanen (University of Oxford),
  • Professor Karen Lucas (University of Leeds),
  • Dr. Audrey de Nazelle (Imperial College London),
  • Dr. Debbie Hopkins (University of Oxford),
  • Dr. Christian Brand (University of Oxford),
  • Dr. Jennie Middleton (University of Oxford),
  • Dr. Margie Peden (The George Institute for Global Health (University of Oxford)
  • and the International Injury Research Unit (Johns Hopkins University) among many others.

Further details on how to apply can be found on their website:

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