Výsledky vyhľadávania

Výsledky vyhľadávania

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    04 December 2020

    Shared Mobility Report 2020

    30 reads A market study has analysed the development of the shared mobility economy. The study goes on to develop a structured and clear presentation of the shared mobility economy's manifold...

  2. News
    01 December 2020

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators benchmarking tool launched

    468 reads The European Commission has released a comprehensive set of urban mobility indicators, which can be used by cities to monitor and evaluate the implementation of their Sustainable Urban Mobility...

  3. News
    30 November 2020

    The Dutch test smart solutions to cut e-bike fatalities and promote cycling

    48 lectures The Dutch government has funded a pilot study to test technology that could help cut e-bike fatalities and so help to promote cycling. The pilot involved the testing of a system that could...

  4. News
    27 November 2020

    TRIMIS Digest – Fair and sustainable public transport

    124 reads The most recent issue of the TRIMIS Digest is now available. It explores public transport policy and the associated socio-economic impacts. The first article takes a look at Free Fare Public...

  5. News
    24 November 2020

    Full range of Volvo Trucks to go battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell by 2025

    Volvo’s commitment to being a “climate-neutral” company by 2040. The news follows a recent announcement ...

  6. News
    24 November 2020

    Difficulties and advantages of the lockdown – as seen by the employees

    42 reads Companies in Szeged reacted quickly to the challenges imposed by the pandemic situation- and subsequent lockdown. In a previous article, the SASMOB project reported on the introduction of working...

  7. News
    24 November 2020

    CIVITAS interactive e-publication- join the online launch event!

    47 reads Learning from your city peers as if you were visiting them...how is that supposed to work during a global health pandemic? That has been this year’s challenge. To meet it, CIVITAS has asked seven...

  8. News
    24 November 2020

    UK to invest further £175 million in cycling and walking- survey shows public support

    32 reads UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced in November that the government will provide local councils across the country with a further £175 million (€154 million) to create safe space for...

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    24 November 2020

    Public bicycle system to connect urban agglomeration of Split

    www.total-croatia-news.com on 17 October 2020. Photo Credit: © moreimages / Shutterstock.com- no permission to re-use ...

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    23 November 2020

    Barcelona to expand its car-free ‘superblocks’ to city centre district

    38 reads The city of Barcelona has announced a major expansion of its ‘superblocks’ initiative, as part of a 10-year plan to reduce car dependence and cut pollution. The project will take place in the...