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  1. Training material
    22 November 2021

    EnerNetMob- 1st training package

    18 reads EnerNETMob is an Integrated project of the Interreg-MED Programme that has 3 phases: studying, testing and capitalization phase. The project promotes policy recommendations and holistic SEMPs ...

  2. Training material
    29 June 2021

    Eltis Training, planning for more resilient and robust urban mobility

    Watch a recording of the online training session built upon the recently-published SUMP Topic Guide “Planning for more resilient and robust urban mobility”. ...

  3. Training material
    22 June 2021

    Eltis Training, how to implement a MaaS system in your city

    Watch the online training session focused on the MaaS concept with a link to the SUMP topic guide “Mobility As A Service (MaaS) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning” ...

  4. Training material
    02 November 2020

    Eltis Training, how to make your SUMP more inclusive for all

    41 reads Within the European Commission's Urban Mobility Days Digital Conference that took place online from 29 September to 2 October, there was a dedicated Eltis Training Session on “Planning for...

  5. Training material
    14 August 2020

    Online Course: Better policy making through data and visualisations

    32 reads The course aims to promote the use of advanced visualisations in transport policy making. Focusing on urban mobility as an important subfield within transportation, the course provides a holistic...

  6. Training material
    02 April 2020

    SUMPs-Up Mobility Practitioners Webinar- Financing and Funding Options for Sustainable Urban Mobility

    6x přečteno This mobility practitioners webinar from CIVITAS SUMPs-Up looks at different financing and funding options for SUMPs. Discover the various sources that you can use to finance your SUMP,...

  7. Training material
    02 April 2020

    SUMPs-Up Mobility Practitioners Webinar: Integrating SUMPs into urban planning and climate work

    6x přečteno This mobility practitioner webinar from CIVITAS SUMPs-Up focuses on how to integrate SUMPs into urban planning, climate and energy strategies. Alongside CIVITAS SUMPs-Up experts, a presentation...

  8. Training material
    02 April 2020

    SUMPs-UP Mobility Practitioners Webinar: Second Edition of the SUMP Guidelines

    6x přečteno The fifth SUMPs-Up webinar for mobility practitioners introduces a landmark new document: the second edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines. Launched in October 2019, they contain a fully updated...

  9. Training material
    25 March 2020

    SUITS webinar; Data management and exploitation for sustainable urban mobility

    75 reads The SUITS webinar "on data management and exploitation for sustainable urban mobility", will advocate crowdsourcing as a sustainable and low-cost method to acquire mobility data and it...

  10. Training material
    15 January 2020

    Mobility Practitioners Webinar- Integrating SUMPs into urban planning & climate work

    2 reads Urban planning, climate and energy work and sustainable urban mobility planning all share the same goal: to plan and develop cities and municipalities in a sustainable, climate-friendly way....