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By Admin Eltis / Actualizat: 28 May 2019

Definition – In the context of SUMP, ownershipinfo-icon refers to a high degree of commitment and responsibility for a plan, policyinfo-icon or measureinfo-icon by stakeholders and citizens, resulting from their involvement in the formulation of plans and measures. A feeling of ownership among stakeholders would likely result in participants asking questions like “How can we solve this?” as opposed to “What are you [the public authorityinfo-icon or transport operator] going to do about it?”

Relevance to SUMP – One of the reasons for promoting participationinfo-icon throughout the preparation of SUMPs is that it will lead to greater public ownership of the strategyinfo-icon and proposed measures. This should help to maintain political support and limit objections to SUMP measures during the implementation phase.

Source: Oxford Dictionaries (online) 

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