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By Admin Eltis / Actualizat: 28 May 2019

Definition – An auditinfo-icon involves the evaluationinfo-icon of a person, organisation, system, process, project or product, often by an independent organisation. The term is most used in the field of accounting but similar concepts also exist in project management, quality managementinfo-icon and energy conservation.

See also certificationinfo-icon.

Relevance to SUMP – The EC Transport White Paper (EC, 2011) includes the initiative that regional development and cohesion funds should be linked to cities and regions that have submitted a current, independently validated Urban Mobilityinfo-icon Performance and Sustainabilityinfo-icon Audit Certificate. Additionally, the SUMP Annex to the Urban Mobility Package (EC, 2013) states that local planning authorities should have mechanisms to ensure the quality and validate compliance of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planinfo-icon. These policyinfo-icon documents have led to the development of guidance, auditing and certification schemes relating to the development and implementation of Sustainability Urban Mobility Plans, including the following:

  • ADVANCE Audit toolinfo-icon
  • EcoMobility SHIFT Assessmentinfo-icon and Audit scheme
  • ENDURANCE Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • QUEST Quality Management methodinfo-icon
  • SUMP Impact Evaluation Guidance (prepared by the CiViTAS DYN@MO project)
  • SUMP Self-Assessment Scheme (developed by Rupprecht Consult and disseminated through the CH4LLENGE project)

Source: EC, 2011

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