Sustainable deliveries of goods in Paris (France)

By Eltis Team / Updated: 17 Sep 2015

Paris and its suburbs count over 12 million inhabitants, which makes the city one of the largest economic centres in Europe, leading to a high demand for freight and a consequent increase in terms of traffic congestion with corresponding negative side effects.

Ten years ago, a new supply chain was launched using rail for freight transport within Paris. Part of the Paris-Gare de Lyon station was refurbished as a multimodal urban distribution centre, where goods arrive from outside the city by train. A Natural Gas Vehicle station was also set up for last-mile deliveries by road.

Since Monoprix, a major French retailer, embraced the concept in 2007, it has resulted in a reduction of 410 000 tons of carbon dioxide and 25 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions per year.

This greener delivery process also allows the retailer to reduce the need for space in its warehouses and speed up delivery times, thanks to the increased loading capacity and a train-loading time that is now three times faster. Moreover, the company has put a green stamp on its image.

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