SAFE-UP showcases future mobility safety innovations at final event

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 29 Jun 2023

The SAFE-UP project, with its ambition to make future mobility safer for both occupants and VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users), held its final project conference last month on 17 May 2023 at the headquarters of lead partner Applus+ IDIADA in Spain. The event brought together around 50 participants, including researchers, policymakers, automotive experts, and road safety enthusiasts, who witnessed the project's remarkable advancements in active and passive safety systems for autonomous vehicles.

The conference provided an opportunity for attendees to witness firsthand the final demonstrators and results that the SAFE-UP consortium has been working on since 2020. These demonstrators showcased innovative technologies and tools designed to reduce injuries and fatalities in traffic accidents, contributing to the European Union's Vision Zero initiative. For an overview of the developed innovations, check out our interactive results platform.

During the event, experts behind the SAFE-UP project shared valuable insights into their research and development processes, shedding light on the project's goals and accomplishments. Attendees were able to engage in informative discussions and gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's significance in shaping the future of autonomous driving and road safety.

Notably, the final event saw the participation of distinguished external attendees, including representatives from the European Commission (EC), Euro NCAP, Fraunhofer, Generalitat de Catalunya, I2CAT, SEAT, BMW Group, and other key stakeholders in the automotive and safety sectors. Their presence added substantial value to the conference by bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the discussions.

With the successful conclusion of the SAFE-UP project, the automotive industry and road safety community eagerly await the integration of its findings and innovations into future autonomous vehicles. The advancements achieved through SAFE-UP have the potential to significantly reduce the severity and impact of road crashes, improving safety for all road users, and ultimately realising the EC's vision of zero fatalities on European roads.

For a recap of the final event and its highlights, including footage of the demos, watch the video!

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