Real-Time Passenger Information System for the agglomeration of 56 cities in Poland

By Ania Przybycień / Updated: 09 Dec 2022

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) is the biggest transport organiser in Poland. ZTM serves the area of 56 cities and municipalities, in the territory of 2,500km², connecting the most important centres of the Silesian Voivodeship.

Every day 1,500 buses, trams, and trolleybuses run in the area of Silesia. 460 lines serve 7,000 stops, travelling more than 100 million kilometres a year.

Real-Time Passenger Information System now includes:

  • 460 Dynamic Real-time Passenger Information Boards: Thanks to Passenger Information Displays, passengers can see the actual vehicle departure time from stops, can learn significant news on the urban transport, or the information on the air quality for example;
  • Passenger portal: The Passenger website – displays data in real time – which means that the arrival time of every bus, tram and trolleybus at each stop is precisely specified. Any factors that cause the delay (traffic jams, weather conditions) are automatically recalculated and the information is made available to commuters with proper correction.
  • Mobile application: Mobile app M2GO info will help passengers plan trips. The application presents the location of vehicles and stops on the map. It allows passengers to check the actual time of departure of vehicles from the stop as well as search for connections.
  • Traffic Control System: The system was installed in the Traffic Management Centre for effective management of the urban transport. All of the nearly 30 million passengers a month have easy access to travel information – both tech-savvy and having no access to the Internet.
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