Evidence on Sustainable Urban Mobility Initiatives

By Colin Black / Updated: 18 Dec 2015

The EVIDENCE project has assimilated from around the world all available data on the economic benefits of 23 types of sustainable transport measure. The credibility of the data is currently being reviewed by a team of international research specialists. A frank and transparent assessment of the evidence will be peer-reviewed and then published in full in autumn 2015.

The team are then planning a series of seminars in different European countries to present evidence on the proven economic benefits of sustainable transport. If you are interested in hosting a seminar, perhaps at the national department for transport, please get in touch.

The project is also able to work closely with a number of cities interested in how to use the evidence to support business cases for investment proposals.

Please visit www.evidence-project.eu for more information. 

The EVIDENCE project
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The EVIDENCE Project
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