CiViTAS 'HandshakeTV' - The playlist of 360 degree cycling videos

By Pascal Van Den Noort / Updated: 06 Apr 2023

HandshakeTV is a playlist developed in the context of EU CiViTAS Handshake.

With mostly 360 degree videos, you decide yourself in which direction you look.

The playlist shows videos of Handshake's immersive symposia and study tours. The many videos (of Amsterdam and many other cities) of cycling infrastructure act as an alternative means to visiting these partner cities.

The videos immerse cycling policy makers, planners, consultants, advocates, tourists and everybody else interested in cycling policy.

Handshake helps cities of all types become more liveable places, improving conditions for cycling as an everyday mode of transport.

You can move your mouse, direct your mobile in any direction or use VR glasses.

To access the playlist and the full range of videos, click here.

Pascal van den Noort
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Civitas Handshake
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