Urban Freight Transport & City Logistics and SUMP - PROSPERITY training material

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 13 Aug 2019

The municipal stakeholders in UFT are very different in their view of this transport and their interest to solve related problems. City administration is looking for reducing traffic impact. Delivery companies try to organise the commercial vehicle tours as efficient as possible. Sender and consignees (e.g. shop owner, private purchaser) are looking for transport prices and just in time delivery. Citizens with a car are unhappy about lorries which are stopping in second lane.

The training creates a common understanding of the object urban freight transport respectively commercial transport at all. The different stakeholder groups are to be introduced and analysed. Based on the urban problems of freight transport, solutions are presented on the basis of best practices in urban logistics.



Set of slides:


Available languages: EN, HU, PT at  http://sump-network.eu/training-materials/


Summary of written material:

Available languages: EN, HU, PT at http://sump-network.eu/training-materials/

Urban Freight Transport & City Logistics and SUMP
13 Aug 2019
Urban mobility planning