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Telematics for energy efficient transport

By News Editor / Updated: 07 Aug 2015

The role of telematics in transport is already vast and growing exponentially. These training materials provide a detailed grounding in the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in guidance, vehicle location and management, information and ticketing aspects of transport, among others. The material will also help to critically evaluate how telematics can be applied to the transport systems in which they work and to maximise the value that they can get from investment in such systems.

ITS is the application of computer technology to the transport sector. ITS systems gather data about the transport system, process it, and then use the processed data to improve the management of the transport system, and/or to provide the transport user with more and better information on which to base their transport decisions. This training material gives an overview of the different ITS applications that are in action, such as real-time information or parking guidance systems. It helps the reader to get an idea of the main applications of ITS through different examples.

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01 Oct 2006
Traffic and demand management
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