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Parking management and pricing

By News Editor / Updated: 07 Aug 2015

The availability and cost of parking is an important determinant of whether or not people choose to drive to a particular destination, and also whether they choose to own a car at all. Local authorities have direct control over the use of kerb-space in their areas, and therefore of the supply and price of on-street parking. Many authorities own public off-street car parks, over whose use and price they also have control. They also have some control over the level of parking that is provided in new developments.

While parking controls and prices are rarely popular with the public, they are a policy option that is relatively well-known and, certainly in larger towns and cities, accepted. Parking controls and pricing are the transport demand management measure that is most frequently implemented by local authorities. Yet little academic literature deals with experience of this policy, preferring instead to concentrate on the topic of congestion-charging. This training material, available to download below, attempts to redress that balance a little.

Parking management and pricing


Parking management and pricing - PPT

01 Oct 2006
Traffic and demand management
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