Multimodal mobility hubs and last-mile delivery - ULaaDS x MOVE21 webinar

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 01 Mar 2022

Multimodal mobility and logistics hubs provide a smart point in the transport network that seamlessly integrates different modes of transport with logistics flows.

By combining public or collective transport stations, car-sharing parking slots, bike-sharing docks, EV-chargers, or public cargo bike-sharing platforms and integrating this offer with drop-off and pick-up delivery solutions, multimodal hubs can play an important role in the transition towards zero-emission urban mobility and logistics.

On 18 February 2022 the ULaaDS project co-hosted a workshop with the MOVE21 project to explore the multimodal hubs landscape, deep dive into logistics operator needs, and learn more about cities approaches to multimodal hubs and last-mile delivery.

Watch the full recording:

18 Feb 2022
Urban freight/city logistics