Monitoring and evaluation - PROSPERITY SUMP training material

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 13 Aug 2019

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities are used to provide information to planners and decision makers to identify problems, potential successes or need for readjustment of a SUMP and its measures. M&E is an essential part of a SUMP in order to keep track of the planning process and measure implementation to understand what works well and less well, and to build the business case and evidence base for the wider application of similar measures in the future.

The basis of the M&E process is collecting, monitoring and evaluating data about the progress of the SUMP and the effect of its measures before, during and after their implementation. The aim of the training on M&E is to provide guidance on the process and best practice applications to plan and carry out M&E for those cities lacking the experience, funding and / or institutional co-operation to successfully carry out M&E activities.



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Monitoring and evaluation for SUMPs
13 Aug 2019
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