Mobility Practitioners Webinar - SUMP action plans and gaining political commitment to them

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 15 Jan 2020

How do you ensure the implementation of measures in a sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP)? How do you engage decision makers in the SUMP process?

CIVITAS SUMPs-Up's fourth webinar for mobility practitioners explores these crucial questions by focusing on an important milestone in the SUMP process – developing the SUMP action plan and ensuring political commitment to it.

The action plan forms the core part of a SUMP, as it provides a clarification of how to reach the targets that have been set within the plan. To ensure wide support for it, gaining political commitment to the related actions and engaging politicians in the SUMP process is crucial.

This webinar sees the city of Budapest (Hungary) present how it has engaged its decision makers in their local SUMP process. The webinar also presents the manual produced by SUMPs-Up to help local authorities prepare action plans.

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