Innovative mobility solutions through a new approach to procurement

By Lidia Signor / Updated: 07 May 2019

A customisable has been designed, which aims to support public procurers across Europe to unlock the potential of Intelligent Transport Systems.

The recommendations come in the form of a White Paper, produced by the EU-funded SPICE project. In slightly over 100 slides, the White Paper looks at four key areas:

(1) The legal aspects of procurement;
(2) The processes behind common procurement;
(3) The technical considerations involved in procuring electric vehicles, intelligent transport systems and mobility services (including Mobility as a Service elements); and
(4) The policy framework for procurement.

In the final slides of the White Paper, SPICE gives some recommendations for improving the procurement process overall. Depending on their focus and needs, readers can easily skip parts and focus only on the sections that are of interest to them.

The European Commission welcomed the White Paper as a comprehensive “toolbox to develop smart, innovative solutions for mobility”. Other stakeholders also appreciated the format of the White Paper, claiming that the final result is much more user-friendly than the typical lengthy final report.

You can find more information here:

SPICE White Paper - How can cities obtain innovative mobility solutions by applying a new approach to procurement?
03 May 2019
Policy and research