EnerNetMob - 1st training package

By Ingrid Briesner / Updated: 22 Nov 2021

EnerNETMob is an Integrated project of the Interreg-MED Programme that has 3 phases: studying, testing and capitalization phase.

The project promotes policy recommendations and holistic SEMPs (Sustainable Electromobility Plans) that can be adopted by Member States.

The training package content involves:

  1. Video on electromobility
  2. Guidelines with Best Available Technologies (BATs) and Technical standards to be used for charging infrastructures and ICT tools
  3. Planning model to develop “Sustainable Electro-Mobility Plans” with common indicators and procedures
  4. Global report of partners Local Framework Analysis on Electro-mobility and Energy Supply State of Art according to regulation analysis and common planning guidelines
Enernetmob - 1st training package
22 Jun 2021
Public and stakeholder involvement
Urban mobility planning