Eltis Training, how to implement a MaaS system in your city

By Simone Bosetti / Updated: 30 Jun 2021

The training session, held online on 16 June 2021, focused on the MaaS concept with a link to the SUMP topic guide “Mobility As A Service (MaaS) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning”.

It explained the MaaS framework, outlined its challenges, and provided a range of transferrable case studies and recommendations.


Welcome, objectives, round of the table (trainers and trainees), Tito Stefanelli, TRT

First session. Introduction, context, setting the scene:

  • Introduction to the MaaS4Eu concept, frameworks and tools related to: business / end users and customers / technology and data / policies, Akrivi Kiousi, Intrasoft International
  • Challenges, lessons learnt and recommendations, Maria Kamargianni, UCL - London

Second session. Inspirational case studies and best practices:       

  • The Budapest Pilot implementation: the main steps toward the implementation of the MaaS ecosystem, Domokos Esztergár-Kiss, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)
  • The Luxembourg Pilot implementation: what are the challenges?, Babis Ipektsidis, Intrasoft International

Third session. Hands-on exercise and final wrap-up:          

  • Introduction to the group work exercise, Stefano Borgato, TRT and Maria Kamargianni, UCL
  • Hands-on exercise in small groups (breakout rooms): barriers and drivers for the implementation of a MaaS system in your city; planning, involvement of stakeholders and decision making, all
  • Plenary discussion on the group work, rapporteurs from each group
  • Wrap-up and conclusions, Tito Stefanelli, TRT

The session was organised by the ELTIS team of experts from TRT, in cooperation with the Maas4EU project.

The training session is available to view on the Eltis Mobility portal YouTube channel.

ELTIS training - How to implement a MaaS system in your city
22 Jun 2021
Urban mobility planning