EfficienCE learning programme on energy-efficient public transport infrastructure technologies deployment

By Nikolett Csorgo / Updated: 18 Mar 2022

The Interreg Central Europe project EfficienCE aims at increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy usage in public transport (PT) infrastructures to reach local, regional, and EU energy targets. EfficienCE takes up the need of improving energy-efficiency of PT infrastructures to exploit the untapped potentials in this sector. Therefore, 12 partners including seven PT authorities/ companies from seven different Central European countries are working together on strategies for planning, financing, and deploying energy-efficient PT infrastructures and innovative energy saving technologies, and on strengthening the capacity of the PT sector by providing knowledge resources.

In this framework, the project is organising an online course on energy-efficient public transport infrastructure technologies deployment, aiming to enable public transport operators/ companies, as well as practitioners at public administrations, to learn about the concept and practical implications of different technologies.

The participants are introduced to the overall topic, given examples of technologies and solutions available and tested in (Central) Europe, and will have access to specific use cases based on the evaluation of pilot actions deployed during the project.

The online course starting on 29 March 2022 and ending on 20 May 2022 is structured into three main components:

1. State of the art and successful technologies

2. Best practice examples inside and outside EfficienCE

3. Use cases based on the EfficienCE pilots

E-course registration here.

18 Mar 2022
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