CIVITAS e-course: shared mobility

By News Editor / Updated: 13 Jul 2017

Shared mobility or shared transport such as bike- and car-sharing has grown impressively in recent years.

Shared mobility is situated within the broader context of the so-called ‘sharing economy’. This comes in other shapes, such as sharing real-estate and property. 

This e-course, part of the CIVITAS Initiative's extensive catalogue of online learning, provides a general introduction into the concept of shared mobility.

It sets the broad context, explaining the motives and benefits, and illustrates that shared mobility is actually more than bike and car-sharing.

There are specific e-courses both for bike-sharing and for car-sharing where these particular types of shared mobility are covered in more depth.

The CIVITAS e-courses are individual courses that can be followed online, anyplace, anytime. Each e-course is concluded with an online test.

CIVITAS Learning Centre certificates are given to participants who have successfully passed the course. An e-course takes approximately 1-2 hours.

To access the CIVITAS e-learning course on shared mobility, visit the CIVITAS Learning Centre.

03 Jan 2017
Mobility management